Wood Yew Waste, are currently looking at their third year in the Biomass Export sector. The quality now expected from all end users through Biomass, has steadily increased and the demand higher. With this in mind Wood Yew Waste have been trialing and looking to add to there production line a “ All Metal Separator”, this will sit at the end of the current system, and act as a safeguard, to remove 99%, of the ferrous and non ferrous material that still can be found in the finish, Biomass product.

The “All Metal Separator” will now allow Wood Yew Waste, to produce a “metal” free, A Grade Biomass Product, for small commercial boilers, available in the UK markets.

The UPVC market for Wood Yew Waste is now looking to expand over the next 12 months. Wood Yew Waste have, now secured several end users for the Recycled UPVC product, and tonnages are increasing, with drive and demand looking to reach new levels.

Wood Yew Waste’s fleets off lorries have increased again, and are now running throughout the South West. All vehicles are sign written with the companies logo and can be found, collecting and delivering working with our customers and associates.