About Us

Wood Yew Waste was founded in 1999 by Clem Spencer the Managing Director, the business was set up to originally supply clean A/B grade woodchip to Norbord the chipboard manufacturer, who produce board for the DIY chain B&Q, this original set up was done at the local landfill site in Plymouth, and Wood Yew Waste, were given a 50metre by 50 metre site, and the idea was to supply 50 tons per week to the factory. Wood Yew Waste employed 2 other people one being Clem’s son Neil Spencer, who is the Operations Director for the company.

In 1999 the recycling market was very new, with most companies still relying on the facility of using landfills, but once local authorities were asked to reach recycling targets the tonnages started to increase.

By 2005 Wood Yew Waste were now recycling more than 300 tons per week, and had employed a further 2 employees, and invested in a faster and bigger shredder, to deal with the demand of the through put.

Wood Yew Waste had now gained contracts from not only Plymouth City Council, but also from the borough of Torbay, with the increase of tonnage, the expansion of the site needed to take place, and Wood yew Waste’s yard doubled in size.

In 2010 Wood Yew Waste had to leave their original site at Chelson Meadow, due to the closure of the landfill and the capping of the site.

A new site was found just on the outskirts of Plymouth, but after only a few months the decision was made that the site didn’t meet the needs of an ever-growing company, so the search for a suitable site, was made looking further a field.

The most obvious choice was now a bigger and purpose built site, just outside of Exeter the investment into this site would have Wood Yew Waste look to invest over 1.5 million pounds, this would include, a fully concerted yard, concrete push walls around the site, an acoustic fence, 22,500 square foot building, for high speed processing, a fixed picking station to house 4 skilled employees on the Biomass section.

By now Wood Yew Waste had contracts with most of the local authorities, including Plymouth City Council, Torbay Council, Devon County Council, we also dealt with most of the major waste firms in the area, Coastal Waste, Kenbury Wood, Devon Contract Waste, to name but a few, along with the major and renowned firms in the UK, the likes of Sita, Viridor and Biffa. Wood Yew Waste by now are dealing with over 1000 tons per week of waste wood, the original 300 - 400 tons are still being delivered into the Chipboard factory, with the remainder needing an end user, so in 2013 Neil Spencer took the opportunity, to research and source an end user for the mixed grade wood, currently passing through the site. A contact was made in Germany with a company called Falkenbergs, who supplied end users in Sweden with quality recycled woodchip from the UK. After the original meeting in Berlin, and a site visit from the end user to inspect the product, Wood Yew Waste were given the go ahead, to supply a sample vessel.

After a couple of months the first shipment was ready to be exported, these were exciting times for Wood Yew Waste, and also a nervous one, as we had never done this before, and the potential from this opportunity, would open new sectors in the Wood Recycling Industry.

We now have a very good relationship with our buyers and end users for our recycled wood chip, and in turn we have picked up a second end user also in Sweden, they are EFO, supplying one of the biggest run biomass plants in Sweden Soderenergi, creating heat and power, and running this to local towns and surrounding villages and businesses.

With this new contract it now doubled the volume for the export market; this in turn made our minds up to invest further into a small fleet, of walking floors, to cover the delivery and collections needed, to keep ourselves self- sufficient.

With having the new purpose built site, this has allowed Wood Yew Waste the ability to look into different types of waste streams, and currently we can offer the facility of recycling Plasterboard Gypsum, which is made to a PAS 109,and is being used for land restoration, and back in the gypsum industry for new plasterboard.

We are also able to recycle UPVC, which again is recycled back into the plastics industry and used to make new window frames.

Other products we produce from site, are a very high quality animal bedding, and A grade wood chip for the Biomass boiler industry within the UK.

Wood Yew Waste are always looking to expand their horizons and to see what new products can be recycled within the sector.